ANDY CARTWRIGHT creates a colleciton of vibrant products which is a daring marriage of eco-friendly materials, uninhibited design techniques and a desire to bring an element of fun to people's lives.

Andy Cartwright is an award-winning and proudly South African product designer. Andy has created amazing products over the years and they have until now, been distributed largely to the branded product and promotional gifting market. Every range that Andy has designed has been well received and some products have sold in excess of 100,000 units.

Andy is passionate about creating unique and beautiful conversation pieces for your home or as gifts. Our design ethos is one of originality, elegance and playfulness, where form and function are perfectly balanced. And the premium product packaging is similarly stylish and professional. It visually endorses Andy's commitment to quality and makes the unboxing experience that much more special - whether the purchase is for you or a gift for somebody special.

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