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HOT WHEELS Retro Halo Collection
HOT WHEELS Retro Halo Collection
HALO 5 Ammo Tin Box
HALO Masterchief Helmet by CAJAGIS Pixel Art
HALO Covenant Crate Cooler
HALO Plasma Grenade Mug - Gunmetal

The Kombinor has put together this great gift set for any HALO Fan.


  1. 1x HALO 5 Ammo Tin Box
  2. 1x HALO Covenent Cooler
  3. 1x HALO Plasma Grenade Mug - Gunmetal
  4. 2x HALO Masterchief Pixel Art Helmets
  5. 1x HALO Animated Movie DVD
  6. 5x HOTWHEELS 1:64 Halo Toys


+ HOT WHEELS Replica Entertainment Halo 1:64 Collection

  1. Banished Wraith - based on the "Banished" variant of the Type-26 Assault Gun Carriage as seen in Halo Wars 2.
  2. Covenant Ghost - a Type-54 Rapid Assault Vehicle and is the Covenant's standard reconnaissance and rapid attack vehicle from the Halo videogame series.
  3. UNSC Gungoose - based on the M290-M All-Terrain Vehicle from the Halo series.
  4. UNSC Scorpion - based on the M820 Main Battle Tank from the Halo series.
  5. UNSC Warthog - based on the M12 FAV Warthog is a fictional all-road vehicle featured in the popular Halo videogame series

* Sealed & Mint Condition 


+ HALO 5 Ammo Tin Box

A tin by any other name would not be as cool as this one. Decorative as well as functional, its look is inspired by the UNSC ammo crate tins used by Spartan soldiers in the Halo gaming franchise. Perfect for storing your gear or grub, features a hinged top and military-style clasp.


+ CAJAGIS HALO Masterchief Helmets Pixel Art Set

Can be used as keychains or coasters.


+ HALO Covenant Crate Cooler

This Covenant supply crate doesn’t hold any ammo or weapons, but it’s a perfect fit for about six cans of your favorite beverage. Plus, it’ll keep them as cool as it looks!


+ HALO Plasma Grenade Mug - Gunmetal

An iconic part of the Halo franchise, now you can drink your coffee or beverage of your choice from this plasma grenade mug!

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