KOMBINOR Keyboard Commando Desk Organizer Gift Set

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KOMBINOR Keyboard Commando Desk Organizer Gift Set - QURATOR™ Market

The Kombinor has put together this great gift set that will impress the toughest desk jockey.

Included in this gift set is a 14x14cm Desk Organizer laden with a felt carpet branded on the sides with Keyboard Commando domed stickers on all 4 sides.

We're including 1x BLACK PEN, 1x BLUE PEN and 1x RED PEN all of which are PILOT BP1-RT M's.

To keep your pens in place we're including 9mm ammunition holders in which you can store 50 pens upright for easy access.

And to sweeten the deal we're throwing in some desk toys in the form of 3x HOTWHEELS Tanknator rolling tanks in random castings - so you can plan your next invasion meticulously!


  1. 3x HOTWHEELS 1:64 Tanknator Toy Tanks - Random Castings
  2. 3x PILOT Pens - Black with black ink, Blue with blue ink & Red with red ink
  3. 1x Desk Organizer - Black
  4. 1x 9mm Ammunition Holder - Black

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