BEZTOYS KyberLight Duelling Light Saber

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KYBERLIGHT Duelling Light Saber - QURATOR™ Market

An elegant weapon for a more grown up in age, comes with 3 accessories, a 32” blade and is fully customizable. The saber is combat ready and filled to the brim with features that will take any Knight to the next level.

- At-Home Customizable Hilt
- 20x Blade Colors Built In
- 2x Sound Fonts & On-Demand Mute
- Flah-on-Clash- Combat Ready

What you get in the box:
- 1x Kyberlight Saber
- 1x Pommel Accessory
- 1x Hilt Accessory
- 1x Emitter Accessory
- 1x 32 Inch Blade
- 1x Charger
- 1x Hex Tool
- 1x Assembly Instructions

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